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Asheville’s best Asian Food restaurants


Korean House
122 College Street
Asheville NC 28801

Korean House is the only Korean food restaurant in downtown Asheville. The food is tremendous – featuring a unique menu of food you may never have heard of but will definitely enjoy. Our favorite item on the menu is the Stone Bowl. This is a stone bowl filled with vegetables and meat and an egg and sauces. They heat the bowl in an oven until the bowl is so hot that the bowl is actually cooking your food. When it hits your table, your food is sizzling and cooking right in front of you. Stir and add the house sauce and it’s the most interesting, flavorful Asian food in town. Their Bi Bim Bap and Kimchi is also incredible. Try it.

Gan Shan Station
143 Charlotte Street
Asheville NC 28801

Gan Shan Station enjoys a very eclectic Asian food menu. This is a great lunch place – and even has a large outdoor patio space. Gan Shan has a relatively small menu but everything is house made and extremely flavorful. The dumplings are freshly house made and very popular. My favorites are the black bean chicken rice bowl and the Korean chicken wings. Don’t expect to get traditional asian food here, but whatever you choose, you will be happy.

Suwana’s Thai Orchid
11 Broadway Avenue
Asheville NC 28801

Another great lunch spot, Suwana’s Thai Orchid serves up exceptional classic traditional Thai food. The Pad Thai is fantastic. The Fried rice is also great, and not too greasy. You will find all the traditional Thai dishes here, done in the way you are familiar with, including green and red curry dishes and also noodle dishes. They are located in the center of town, directly across from the new AC Hotel. 

The Noodle Shop
3 SW Pack Sq,
Asheville NC 28801

The Noodle Shop is smack in the center of pack square in downtown Asheville, so it’s usually very busy. There’s good outdoor seating so you can people-watch pack square and have some noodles. Their exceptional noodle dishes include options for angel hair, egg, mung bean, and rice noodles. The noodle soup bowls are perfect for a cold day. We love their Stir Fried Noodles, and Spring Noodle Soup.  Also, try their kimchi and drop it in your soup for a spicy twist.

Red Ginger Dimsum and Tapas
82 Patton Ave
Asheville NC 28801

Red Ginger is a new, modern fusion style Asian restaurant in downtown Asheville with a very upscale interior. Also a popular lunch spot, Red Ginger has a gigantic menu full of tasty items. Most of the menu is considered small plates, so it’s best to get a few of them and share with friends. Try their dumplings and the crispy red snapper.


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