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Asheville’s best breweries

Asheville, NC is home to some of the best breweries in the country. As “Beer city USA”, Asheville enjoys craft breweries in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. From the giants like Anheuser Busch owned Wicked Weed Brewing to the small guys like Twin Leaf Brewery. Here’s your list for the best breweries in town:

Burial Beer 
40 Collier Ave
Asheville NC 28801

Burial Beer brews meticulously crafted beer in their taproom and adjoining outdoor patio area. The taproom feels like you are actually making the beer yourself, as you can see, smell, and experience the beer making process as you sit down and enjoy the fruits of the labor. The patio, which is the best outdoor brewery space downtown is hidden behind the brewery. Burial’s beer selection includes everything from “ancient herbed ale” to more traditional pale ales and stout offerings. Be sure to try the Farmhouse ale if you go in the summertime.


Green Man Brewery
27 Buxton Avenue
Asheville NC 28801

Green Man Brewing has been in Asheville a long time and still make some of the best beer around. Although you can find it at many restaurants in Asheville, head down to the brewery for the freshest pint. Green Man offers two separate tap rooms next to each other. The larger, newer tap room feels more like a tourist destination while the smaller, older taproom is really a garage with a bar in it. Locals prefer the garage. Try the Breakfast if you want something new, or just the Green Man Gold if you prefer something more traditional. Either way, Green Man is old-school Asheville brewing.


Wicked Weed Brewing
91 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Wicked Weed has created a giant taproom and restaurant at their Biltmore Avenue location in downtown Asheville. Best known for their Belgian ales, Wicked Weed brews award-winning beers in every category. If you go, be sure not to miss the downstairs bar and large outdoor patio area where you will occasionally find live music. Combined with the street front outdoor patio, there is plenty of outdoor space to try the beers and people watch in Asheville. Definitely try some of the Belgian ales they are famous for and also mix in something different, like their coolcumber or watermelon saison.


Twin Leaf Brewery
144 Coxe Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

Twin Leaf is a nice change of pace from the large-scale operations at Green Man and Wicked Weed. Tucked away on Coxe Ave. is their taproom, located in an older building on the “south slope” district of Asheville. Home to a small, cozy bar, Twin Leaf lets you enjoy the beer without any distractions. Try to go when there’s live music during the weekdays. Definitely try the Herger the Joyous Wheat Wine which is brewed with “100 pounds of local honey”, and also the Salty Dragon which has notes of plantain and kiwi.

Catawba Brewing Co.
32 Banks Ave
Asheville NC 28801

Rounding out our best breweries in Asheville is Catawba Brewing Company. Catawba has a new south slope location that puts them right in the middle of all the other great breweries in walkable distance to downtown Asheville. Their taproom puts you right in the middle of the brewery, close enough to inspect the equipment. Their outdoor patio space is also nice, featuring a small stage for live music. Try the Hopness Monster for IPA traditionalists. The King Coconut is great but look out for the Hooligan, which has 8% ABV (alcohol by volume) that can sneak up on you.



Asheville’s best breweries are all within walking distance to downtown Asheville. Don’t even try to drive to all of them. Walk around and make it a day. As always, be sure to drink responsibly and stay off the road if you’ve had too many of Asheville’s fine local brews.



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