Can I Sue My Landlord if I am Injured on Their Property?

When is a Landlord Responsible for Tenant Injury? North Carolina law requires landlords to keep residential premises and common areas in a safe condition for tenants. In other words, landlords must do whatever is necessary, including making repairs, to make sure the premises are in a safe and habitable condition. This “duty” of ordinary care of a landlord also extends to maintaining in good and safe working order all electrical, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitary, ventilating, and appliances supplied, or required to be supplied, by the landlord. If any of these items are not in good and safe working order, then they must be promptly repaired by the landlord absent any agreement to the contrary. If you are wondering, [...]

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Can You Sue a Trucking Company After an Accident?

When you're involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the first question on your mind is likely whether or not you can sue the trucking company. Can you hold a trucking company liable for the damages caused by their driver? In most cases where the driver is 100% at fault, the answer is yes. Commercial truck drivers who have been issued a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are required to obey the same traffic laws as everyone else on the road, as well as to undergo additional training and pass special road skills tests. If a trucking company’s driver causes an accident because their conduct fell below the standard of care for a truck driver in the same or similar situation, then the trucking company can be sued and held liab[...]

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What Is the Average Payout for a Head Injury?

The Average Settlement Amount for Head Injury Litigation When people ask what they can expect with a head injury recovery, there’s a deeper question involved. It involves an acknowledgement of an injury suffered that is life-changing and may be permanent. It also signifies a concern that if one doesn’t have enough funds available down the road, poverty and dependency may very well be the result with a head injury that prevents one from working and earning their own income as before. So, it’s not just about the numbers; oftentimes, asking about recovery possibilities is really more of a question about one’s future security. There Is No Textbook Formula Head injury cases have so many factors involved, it’s generally not pos[...]

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Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident?

A personal injury lawyer can help you sue for pain and suffering from a motor vehicle accident if you were injured due to another party’s negligence or fault. Pain and suffering damages are to compensate an injured person for the intangible, but very real, consequences of someone else’s negligence or fault. While it’s hard to put a dollar value on pain and suffering, these and other non-economic damages are endured by injured individuals on a daily basis, and they negatively affect quality of life, ability to work, and social and family relationships. Because of their tremendous impact, pain and suffering awards are often greater than those for economic damages. If you or a loved one has suffered injury in a car accident or som[...]

How Many Children Are Injured by Toppling Furniture?

Home should be a safe place for all children, but appliances and furniture throughout the home pose a risk to young children. When children attempt to climb bookcases, TVs, shelves, and other furniture, these heavy items can topple, causing serious injuries and even death. If your child has fallen victim to the alarming issue of furniture tip-over injuries, it's crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced legal professional. Our dedicated Asheville personal injury lawyers are here to help you navigate the complexities of such cases. Your child's safety matters, and we are committed to ensuring justice is served. Contact our Asheville personal injury lawyer today for a compassionate consultation and let us advocate for the compensatio[...]

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When is a Motorcyclist at Fault for an Accident?

Motorcyclists can be found at fault for an accident if they have done something negligent that contributed to the crash. Drivers of other vehicles commonly attempt to blame motorcycle operators for driving recklessly and causing crashes that result, but motorcyclists are not always at fault. There are many situations where another party is at fault and can therefore be held liable for the injuries and damages a motorcyclist suffered. Motorcycles offer little protection; a crash brings increased likelihood of serious injuries, including paralysis, loss of limbs, traumatic head injuries, and even death. The lives of survivors and their families may be changed forever, and medical expenses for ongoing treatments and care pile up at a time [...]

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How Much is a Spinal Cord Injury Worth?

A spinal cord injury is a catastrophic injury that usually affects you for the rest of your life, so the question of “how much is a spinal cord injury worth” matters deeply to your future. Because of the severity of injury and the potential long-term costs associated with it, damage awards for these types of injuries can be in the millions. However, those who have spinal cord injuries that are not catastrophic win fewer damages because they might recover from these injuries in weeks or months. The amount you get depends on how severe the injury is and how doctors expect the injury to affect your life. What is a Spinal Cord Injury? In most cases, damage to the spinal cord results in long-term or permanent disabilities. You might hav[...]

Asheville NC Personal Injury Guide

Your Guide Through the Personal Injury Process Asheville personal injury lawyer Lakota Denton has created this personal injury guide that answers many questions related to Asheville car accidents and what your options are after an automobile accident and other serious accidents.  → Download our Free Personal Injury Guide Ebook (PDF) From Crash to Cash: Personal Injury Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS: Chapter 1: What To Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident Top 10 Things To Do After an Accident What Not To Do After an Accident What to Do After a Construction Accident Premises Liability: What To Do Chapter 2: Ins & Outs About Personal Injury Law in N.C. History of Personal Injury Law Person[...]

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me with Personal Injury Claim?

As an Asheville personal injury lawyer, it is common that someone comes into my office asking if I can represent them in a minor car accident claim.   When a car accident is minor and the details are simple, I often advise the potential client that they handle the claim on their own, armed with some basic knowledge and know-how.   Occasionally, these clients return to my office down the road looking for help resolving the claim, if they are unable to reach an agreement with the insurance company or adjuster.  When can you handle a claim by yourself? You can attempt to settle a claim by yourself, and avoid paying your personal injury attorney the 33% fee (that most all injury lawyers charge), potentially saving you thousands of dolla[...]

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Preventing and Identifying Injuries to Children in Car Accidents

Automobile accidents are always stressful and frightening events and can be made even scarier when your child is injured in a crash.   For children aged 10-14, auto accidents are the third leading cause of death, and for children between 5-9, the fourth leading cause.  Here are some tips to help keep your kids as safe as possible, to help reduce the possibility of them getting injured in a crash: Keep Car Seats Rear-Facing Until Age 2 Previously, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended keeping the car seat read facing as long as possible, but in the current policy statement published in Pediatrics, the AAP  now advises parents to keep toddlers in rear-facing car seats until age two.  Once they have outgrown the 3 point harn[...]