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Injured in an Asheville North Carolina Car Accident?

As an attorney who handles Asheville NC car accident claims every day, I want to help people stay informed and know their rights.  It’s important to understand the legal landscape of an auto accident claim, but also how certain factors specific to Asheville and Western NC, in general, can affect your claim.

Asheville North Carolina residents see car accidents nearly every day on the city’s streets. Hundreds of car accidents occur each year in Buncombe County and the surrounding areas of Western North Carolina. Many of these accidents cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

If you or your loved one have been the victim of a car accident and have been injured through no fault of your own, our staff at Lakota R. Denton P.A. are standing by to assist you.  We will help investigate your crash, talk to witnesses, and speak to your medical providers about outstanding balances. Find a car accident lawyer near me is a question that will come up after you get into an accident. 

Recent studies have shown that accident injuries and deaths increased have increased in North Carolina over the past few years. Buncombe County, Haywood, Henderson, and other surrounding counties fit with that trend, with more deaths and more injuries in 2015 than in 2014. What makes Buncombe County such an unsafe place to drive? What can be done about its unsafe roads? Car Accident Attorney

Asheville, North Carolina motor vehicle accident lawyer Lakota Denton has answered many questions asked by clients who have been involved in Asheville auto accidents, truck accidents, bike accidents, and motorcycle accidents. 

Some of the most recent 2018 Car Accident Questions are below.

How much is my Asheville Car Accident Case Worth?

What to do Following an Asheville NC Automobile Accident?

Being in a motor vehicle accident is a very stressful experience, particularly if you are injured in the accident, or if someone in your car was injured.  It can be very difficult to think clearly in those early moments when your body is in shock and your brain is flooded with adrenaline.   

Simple car accidents can often be handled between you and the insurance company for the at-fault driver, but more complicated accidents involving severe injuries, property damage, permanent injury or questions of fault can require the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer.   

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How to get a Copy of the Auto Accident Report in Asheville Crash?

In the aftermath of an Asheville auto accident or truck accident, one of the pieces of information you will want to collect is a copy of the official accident report from the crash.

How to get an Asheville car crash police report?

If the officer who responded to your accident was an Asheville Police Officer, you can follow this link to get a copy of their official report.

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Five Things to Investigate after an Auto Accident in Asheville

  1. Take photographs of every vehicle involved in the crash
  2. Talk to any eyewitnesses
  3. Call the police and talk to the investigating officer
  4. Take pictures of any injuries
  5. Do not talk to any insurance

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Asheville’s rapid growth

There is a lot to love about Asheville, and it shows: Asheville has one of the most rapidly-increasing populations in the country. It is the number one tourist destination in North Carolina, and many of those tourists choose to make it home. Its population has grown at about twice the national average over the past 10 years and is several points higher than the average in the rest of the state.

The topography of Western North Carolina makes it difficult to accommodate this kind of growth. Congestion, narrow roadways, and other factors contribute to many accidents, particularly in formerly-rural areas like Fletcher and Leicester that have become home to thousands of new residents in recent years.

Hazardous Roads

The narrow, crowded roads in and around Buncombe County are only one part of the equation that makes Asheville drivers so vulnerable to accidents. Mountain roads are notorious for dangerous blind curves and areas with little or no protection from running off-road. Freezing conditions and punishing rainstorms also contribute to the dangerous conditions of Asheville’s roads.

Asheville’s hazardous road conditions coupled with dangerous habits like speeding, aggressive or distracted driving leave motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists exposed to the risk of serious accidents. Speeding is a contributor to nearly 1 in 3 accidents in North Carolina. Residential areas and areas with high foot traffic are especially dangerous places to speed, but this doesn’t stop many drivers from putting others around them at risk of injury. Outreach campaigns like Slow Down Asheville have drawn attention to the problem of speeding in these places, reminding drivers of the importance of using safe speeds in areas where people live.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Many of the accidents that occur in our area each year happen on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The confusing and often-unforgiving Parkway poses the risks we have discussed up to this point. The blind curves of the Parkway can spell disaster for people driving at high speeds – and the motorists around them.

Asheville Car Accident Lawyer

There is another factor behind accidents on the Parkway: distracted driving. Tourists and residents alike travel this winding road, and the beautiful views pose a distraction different from those that usually cause drivers’ attention to wander.
The National Park Service responded to rising numbers of accidents by lowering the speed limit in some areas of the Parkway and placing signs reminding drivers of hazardous roads. The result was a year-to-year decrease in the number of accidents. Steps like this by transportation officials can have a tremendous impact by reducing the risk of accidents to motorists who drive in these areas.

DWI’s (Driving While Intoxicated)

As we discussed in our earlier post on DWI accidents in Asheville, many car accidents in the area involve drivers who are intoxicated. Buncombe County has the highest number of DWI arrests in North Carolina, and many of these arrests occur after a car accident.

DWI enforcement has not been enough of a deterrent in keeping intoxicated people off the roads. While every person is responsible for their own actions, there is clearly a danger in Asheville’s drinking culture that leads to many people getting hurt each year in drunk driving accidents. DWI arrests and prosecution are reactive in nature – an intoxicated person has to drive and place others at risk before anyone can intervene. Discouraging bars and restaurants from serving people to the point of intoxication would be a preventive approach that could avert the dangers of drunk driving before they happen.

Contact an Asheville Personal Injury Attorney after an Accident.

Many of the accidents that occur in Buncombe County involve serious injuries, like broken bones or traumatic brain injuries, that may require surgery, in-home medical equipment, and long-term therapy.

The expense of treatment, along with lost wages and other losses from the accident, often leave victims and their families struggling financially for months or longer. Insurance companies are in business to pay out as little as possible for claims, even – or especially – expensive claims involving serious injuries.

Contact our Asheville personal injury firm today to schedule a consultation, where we will make a plan to move forward so that you can focus on your health.   We have helped many Asheville residents with questions related to motor vehicle accidents including Find a car accident lawyer near me in Asheville NC, How do I find an auto accident lawyer near me or car accident attorney near me.

An experienced personal injury team often makes a significant difference in car accident cases involving serious injuries. Accident victims who have an attorney frequently recover more money from insurance companies than people who try to resolve their claims alone. Our team is ready to evaluate your case at no cost.   Call us today at 828-333-5996 or fill out our online free consultation form.

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