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What Documents Do I Need to Build a Case for My Insurance Claim?

They key to making sure you’re properly compensated for an accident claim with an auto insurance is being organized, and having all of the necessary documentation in its place. In order to demonstrate to an insurance adjuster that your accident happened, and that your injuries are legitimate, you will need to provide certain pieces of information and documentation.  Without some of this information, and insurance company can and will poke holes in your claim and find ways to diminish the value of, or deny your claim altogether.   The following are some of the documents you will want to have on hand to submit along with your claim: Accident Report Make sure you get a copy of your North Carolina Accident report that was generated either[...]

How to Handle your Asheville Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall accidents injure countless people every year. Broken bones or injuries to the neck, back, and joints can leave fall victims in chronic pain for years. The confusion and shock of a fall that causes injury often leaves victims at a loss for what to do after they’ve fallen in a store or other public place. There are a few steps slip and fall victims should take to lay a foundation for their premises liability claim. These actions are vital to establishing your case and could make or break settlement negotiations. Collect evidence: You must be able to show that a store owner was negligent in order to build a solid case against them. The evidence you gather at the scene of your fall may be the only evidence of the incident [...]