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Asheville, NC, is known for its relaxed lifestyle and collaborative community. When the data shows a rising number of car accidents in Asheville in recent years, the locals notice. Between 2022 and 2023, Asheville, NC, rose from 8th to 4th for the number of car accidents in large North Carolina cities (population over 100,000). There were 18,423 car accidents in Asheville in 2023, and reports of severe injuries from car accidents continue in 2024.

If you or your family suffer injuries in a South Asheville car accident, you can depend on Lakota R. Denton to help guide you.

Why Choose Lakota Denton as Your Car Accident Lawyer?

Local Asheville Knowledge

Few Buncombe County lawyers can match the local knowledge of Lakota Denton. As an Asheville resident who has lived and worked in the city for many years, Lakota knows Asheville, its roads, and its history of tragic, life-changing car accidents. His deep connection with the community, knowledge of the law, and local injury care resources make him an unparalleled car accident injury lawyer.

Award-Winning Legal Background

Your car accident lawyer must be able to prove their mettle through legal industry recognition. Lakota Denton has won the Avvo Clients’ Choice Award and the Top 40 Lawyers Under 40 Award. He was also presented with the Top 100 Trial Lawyers Award by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Car Accident Case Results

Lakota Denton and his team have won millions of dollars in car accident case settlements for clients across Asheville. Examples of local car accident results include:

  • $460,000 for a car accident victim who suffered neck and back injuries and required surgery after a company’s unlicensed driver caused an accident.
  • $1.3 million for a pedestrian with serious injuries after being hit crossing the road.
  • $800,000 for victims hit by a drunk driver over-served at an Asheville bar.

Which are the Most Dangerous Roads in Asheville for Car Accidents?

While most of Asheville is peaceful and calm, locals must remain alert to the potential danger of car accidents in busy city streets. The most common locations in Asheville for car accidents include the following:

Merrimon Avenue

Merrimon Avenue was long considered an Asheville poster child for dangerous road design. Its four lanes of traffic once created blind spots for drivers turning left as the innermost lane blocked the outer lane. City officials have recently begun upgrades to resolve these dangers, and there is hope that fewer serious car accidents will occur on the road from 2024 onwards.

Patton Avenue & Leicester

Patton Avenue and Leicester Highway is an intersection notorious for serious car accidents in Asheville, NC. The area from Florida Avenue, half a mile up to Leicester on Patton Avenue, features commercial driveways, parking lot entrances, and no pedestrian crosswalks. Our latest report on dangerous Asheville roads highlights the potential for serious car crashes at Patton Avenue and Leicester Highway.

US Highway 74

Connecting Asheville to cities across North Carolina, U.S.-74 has long been one of the most dangerous roads for serious car accident injuries and fatalities. A 2024 crash at Exit 53B from the I-40 to US-74 led to the deaths of two Asheville teens.

What Should I Do If I Suffer an Injury in a Car Accident?

If you or someone you love suffers an injury in a car accident, please take the following steps:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention

    After calling 911 and reporting the accident to the police, you must seek medical attention for your car accident injuries. Even if you don’t believe anyone has sustained significant injuries in the accident, every person should undergo medical checks from a qualified doctor. Below are several options for 24-hour emergency rooms near Asheville, NC:

    Mission Hospital
    509 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville NC 28801
    Phone: 1 828-213-1111

    Pardee Hospital
    Address: 800 N Justice St, Hendersonville, NC 28791
    Phone: 1 828-696-1000

    AdventHealth Hendersonville
    Address: 100 Hospital Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28792
    Phone: 1 828-684-8501

  2. Book a Free Car Accident Case Review

    Upon receiving the all-clear from medical professionals, take the time to explore your legal options with a free car accident case review. As a proud advocate for Asheville car accident victims, Lakota Denton provides a comprehensive case review to explain the next phase of the car accident settlement process and answer questions related to medical payments and car accident insurance coverage. You’ll also learn approximately how much your car accident case is worth.

  3. File a Car Accident Claim with Insurance

    With compelling evidence and the backing of an experienced Asheville car accident lawyer, you can file your claim for car accident compensation with either your insurance company or the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Lakota R. Denton will take on the filing process for you and communicate with the insurance representatives throughout, ensuring you can focus all your energy on your injury recovery.

Book Your Free Car Accident Case Evaluation

Proud Asheville resident and local advocate for car accident victims, Lakota Denton is here to help you navigate the vital steps after a car accident injury. He’s available 24/7 to answer you questions and help you and your family begin your recovery journey.

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