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car accident lawyerThe results of your legal representation, your hard work & effort on my behalf was unbelievable. I received all my lost wages and the back surgery and other medical attention that had previously been declined**.”
– George C.



If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident that was not your fault, you’re likely going to have a lot of questions about how to handle the situation.  When a new client asks me for help, here is what I tell them I can do to help with their case:

1)    I investigate the accident to prove who was at fault in the wreck.  This usually includes obtaining photographs of the vehicles and the crash scene, obtaining video surveillance of the crash if possible, obtaining witness statements from any eyewitnesses, speaking to the investigating officer, and obtaining the police crash report.

2)    I communicate with all the car insurance companies to ensure that your claim for injuries and damages is handled to your best advantage.  This includes the auto insurance company for the at-fault driver as well as your own car insurance company.  In some situation, 3, 4 or 5 insurance companies can be involved.  I let them know that I am involved and investigating the accident.  After my investigation, I document your injuries and damages to the at-fault insurance companies to ensure that you receive a full and fair settlement offer.

3)    I review all of your medical records and medical bills so that I can fully understand your injuries and how much money you owe to medical providers.  I have a former nurse on my staff who will go through all of your medical records to make sure that we document every injury related to the crash.  I will summarize your medical records for the insurance company in a way that forces them to calculate your pain and suffering settlement as high as possible.  I will also contact your doctors and have them provide statements that detail your injuries to the insurance company.

4)    I will file a lawsuit if necessary.  Sometimes insurance companies refuse to make a reasonable offer in your case.  When this happens, I will file a lawsuit and litigate your case to trial If necessary.  While it is not always necessary, filing a lawsuit is the only way to force insurance companies to act reasonably in some situations.  I have handled dozens and dozens of cases where I have dramatically increased the insurance company offer after having filed a lawsuit and proceeded to litigation.

5)    I will try your case before a jury if necessary.  Many personal injury lawyers will avoid trying your case if at all possible.  Insurance companies know which lawyers are afraid to talk to juries.  Because I have tried cases and won, insurance companies are likely to make better offers to my clients to prevent the case from going to trial.

6)    I will work to reduce how much you owe in medical bills.  When I review your medical bills, I will look at ways to reduce your bills through filing with health insurance and Medicare or Medicaid.  I will also look at ways to negotiate your bills to a lower amount with your medical providers.  Reducing your bills after settlement allows you to receive more money in your pocket to compensate you for your injuries.

Most importantly, my goal is to allow you to work on recovering from your injuries with the knowledge that I am taking care of everything else.  I will gather all the needed documents.  I will obtain statements from witnesses.  I will negotiate with the insurance company.  Your job is just to work on getting better.


Car Accident Law Firm In Asheville, NC

A lot of people want to know the value of their car accident claim and whether or not their bills can be paid by the at-fault insurance company.  Some people even find a “personal injury settlement calculator” online and punch in the amount of their bills to try and determine the value of their case.  When you hire a personal injury lawyer for your auto accident case you will have a lawyer who understands that there is no single formula to calculate the value of your case.  Instead, there are a number of variables in a car accident case to determine the value.  Every case is different, and it is difficult to estimate the value of your case without reviewing everything.  Here some of the most important factors in determining the value of your injury case:

1)    The extent of your injuries.  When you’ve been in a wreck and you’ve suffered only minor bumps and bruises, the value of your case is low.  This makes sense, as juries do not put as much value on a sprained ankle as they do on someone with a fractured neck.  Generally, the more serious your injury, the more value a jury or insurance company will place on your case.

2)    The behavior of the at fault person.  Juries do not appreciate people who cause crashes and then refuse to take responsibility for their behavior.  When the person at fault accidentally crashes into your car and they jump right out and apologize and tell you that they’ll pay for your medical bills – juries don’t really add much value to your claim because of their behavior.  However, when the at-fault person was drinking and driving or refusing to accept responsibility for a wreck that everyone knows is their fault, juries tend to get more upset and place more money on the case.

3)    The severity of the crash.  The more serious the crash, the more value an insurance company or jury will place on your case.  You can imagine that a small bump to the back of your car will not arouse a jury the way it will if your car is totaled.  A picture of the damage to both of the involved vehicles will be a helpful way to determine the severity of your crash.

4)    The amount of your medical bills.  Generally, the more bills you have, the more value for your case.  However, be careful.  Many “personal injury calculators” will try to tell you that your claim is worth 3 times your medical bills.  This is way oversimplified.  As you can imagine, some people have $20,000 worth of medical bills just from X-rays, MRI’s and CT Scans – all of which show no injuries.  A case with no injuries is not worth $60,000.  On the flip side, some people are catastrophically injured but only have medical bills of $10,000.  For example, I represented a person who had a concussion that left him with permanent vertigo – a pretty serious head injury.  His bills were only $18,000.  But I recovered $100,000 for his case after filing a lawsuit – much more than 3 times his medical bills.



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We work with some of the best personal injury lawyers in Asheville, and around the country, always striving to learn new strategies that increase the value of car accident cases. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are treated fairly and reasonably by insurance companies, who are looking to save money any way they can.  Attorney Denton travels all over the country to attend seminars and conferences with some of the country’s most preeminent trial lawyers, to learn cutting-edge theory and trial strategy so that he can help you get full and fair compensation for your injuries.  


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