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Finding the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Because motorcycle accidents often involve serious injuries, these cases can have significant complexities. You could be facing a number of short-term and long-term health problems that could affect your life forever. Some issues for which you deserve compensation include:

  • Emergency medical care bills
  • Surgery costs
  • Long-term hospitalization costs
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Rehabilitation equipment for at-home care
  • Prescription drug costs
  • Reimbursement for an inability to work
  • Judgment for pain and suffering.

Some cases have unique circumstances that allow for other potential sources of compensation. You can count on the level of professionalism and attention to detail that our Asheville motorcycle accident attorney will give to your case. We know the ongoing pain and suffering that a motorcycle crash victim could have.

We do not back down from the insurance company representing the driver who hit you. Our team wants to reduce your level of stress by handling the insurance requests related to your lawsuit. We want you to focus on healing and spending time with your family. Call our Asheville motorcycle accident lawyer at 828-333-5996 for a free case review as soon as possible.

I’m leaving a 5-star review for Lakota Denton and his excellent team because of their utmost care and compassion. I came to them drowning in the turbid waters of despondent lawyers and sketchy doctors, and they put me on a plan to physical recovery, while they recovered my case. Lakota is a lawyer with keen awareness, dignity, and most importantly, heart. Thank you, Lakota.” – Ganesh Braymiller

“Excellent in every way. Lakota is easily the best lawyer I have ever worked with. Effective, efficient, honest, compassionate, friendly and fair. Hiring a lawyer can be stressful, but Lakota transforms that stress into confidence. And that confidence is then justified by the results he gets. Thanks for your help Lakota!” – Stephen Barnard

“I couldn’t be happier with the job Lakota Denton and his awesome staff did for me after I had my accident. They all really cared about my outcome and stayed in touch every step of the way. I can’t recommend him enough!! 5 stars all the way. Thank you!” – Peter Estrada

In an accident? Need Help? This is your turn-key, set-it-and-forget-it solution! Lakota and Jenny are two of the best friends you will meet in Asheville! If anything can go sideways, be atypical or oddball… it seems like it will happen to me. True to form, several legal obstacles cropped up, even though I was not at fault in the accident.” – Christopher McGrath

“Lakota provided me with a free consultation and gave me crucial information on how to handle my accident case with an 18 wheeler. His guidance set me on the right path to maximizing my settlement while feeling confident I understood the process. I cannot recommend his services enough, he was an incredible help to me.” – Amy Fisher

“Lakota Denton is a champion for the people. He worked with me on a car accident case and won the maximum settlement. He has a strong reputation as an experienced trial lawyer so insurance companies know he doesn’t mess around.” – Chalkley Matlack

“Attorney Lakota Denton was super effective at isolating the issue, building a strong case, and achieving immediate results on behalf of clients in a matter that is so key to our constitutional rights. If looking for an attorney, look no further. You need him in your court!” – Zachery Adam

“Incredibly helpful folks- whether you end up utilizing their services or not. They provided me with peace of mind on a terrible day when I had no idea what steps to take. You won’t find a friendlier or better informed personal injury lawyer in Asheville! Even if you’re just not sure of your rights or the steps to take, it’s definitely worth making the call!” – Chessa Budai

Why You Should Choose Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Attorney Lakota Denton takes pride in helping victims of all types of personal injury, including motorcycle crashes. He began practicing law in Asheville in 2011 before opening his own firm in 2013.

Our team excels in the negotiation phase of dealing with insurance companies after a crash. Should negotiations stall or the insurer refuses to negotiate fairly, we are confident in taking a case to trial. We always thoroughly prepare for cases, which gives us a leg up in the negotiations and at trial.

Motorcycle accident attorney Lakota Denton has won multiple six-figure settlements in accident cases for our clients, including in motorcycle accidents.

We are willing to take on tough cases, and we don’t back down from bullying insurers. You do not have to pay any money upfront to retain our services, either. Our fee will be a percentage of the financial judgment we win for you in the case.

How Does a Motorcycle Crash Case Work?

After a crash in which you suffered injuries on your motorcycle, you may be unsure how to proceed. If the other driver caused the accident, leading to your injuries, you have the right to seek financial compensation from the other driver’s insurance company.

State law does not set a limit on the amount that you can seek for your injuries in the crash. Instead, you have the ability to seek an amount that truly compensates you for all of your injuries and for the way your life changes because of those injuries. Those with a greater level of long-lasting injuries typically can seek a higher amount.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Is a Skilled Negotiator

Unfortunately, the process rarely is as easy as it could be. The insurer often will balk at paying you the amount you actually deserve. After all, the insurer is a for-profit company. Its profits suffer when it has to pay large settlements. That’s where our team can help.

We have represented many clients over the years, giving us quite a bit of experience in negotiating with insurance companies. We know how to present the facts in the case to give you the best possible chance at winning the settlement you deserve.

The insurance company often will have numerous adjusters and lawyers on its side during negotiations, especially if the settlement will be a large one. Although you certainly can represent yourself in negotiations, it’s difficult to go head to head with the insurance company on your own.

Hiring our Asheville motorcycle accident lawyer to help with your case will change the dynamics of the negotiations, as we will work to tilt the playing field in your favor. Call our team at 828-333-5996 for help today.

Challenges of Recovering from a Motorcycle Accident

Cyclists have a 29 times higher chance of dying in a crash than a passenger car occupant, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Motorcycle operators do not have the same kinds of safety systems and gear that appear in a motor vehicle, such as a seat belt and air bags.

Motorcycles weigh quite a bit less than a car or truck. This means, in an accident with a car, the motorcycle and rider receive the brunt of the force of the crash. Being hit with such a massive amount of force can cause debilitating injuries.

Common Injuries to Cyclists in a Motorcycle Accident

If the cyclist flies off the bike and lands hard on the pavement, multiple injuries are possible, including:

  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Paralyzing back and neck injuries.

A severe brain injury in a motorcycle crash can leave you without the ability to work or enjoy your favorite activities. You may even be unable to communicate or perform basic personal care tasks, burdening your family.

A rider who slides across the pavement in the crash could suffer significant facial trauma or road rash injuries that could lead to disfigurement, soft tissue damage, and the need for skin grafts. The rider could be facing painful, permanent scarring.

Attempting to recover from these injuries can take months or even years. After a long hospital stay, you may need physical therapy and in-home health care for a long time. The medical bills for care like this can quickly surpass six figures or more.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Knows How Long-Term Complications Affect Your Case

Beyond the massive medical bills you could face after a motorcycle crash, you may have other financial concerns. You probably will be unable to work in the same capacity you did prior to the crash, if at all. This can hinder your family’s financial well-being.

You may find that you are unable to enjoy the same activities you did before the crash. Perhaps you are missing out on precious time with your spouse or children because of your injuries. You may be unable to travel for pleasure or to enjoy activities like golfing, working on your car, or taking care of your garden.

You deserve compensation for all of these items. Our Asheville motorcycle accident lawyer is ready to help.

We Provide Compassionate Attention to Your Motorcycle Accident Case

When you are facing all of these issues, the last thing you need is an insurance company treating you unfairly. Unfortunately, most insurers don’t seem to have much sympathy for the situations victims find themselves facing. You did not do anything wrong to cause this crash, yet the insurer may end up treating you as if you did.

Our team knows how frustrating this situation can be for victims. We always work to alleviate your stress, rather than adding to it. Let us handle negotiations with the insurer on your behalf. We know the tricks and techniques insurers regularly use in these cases. We also know how to counteract those tricks, keeping the case moving toward the resolution you deserve.

We interview doctors and your caregivers. We use this information to show the insurance company representing the other driver why you deserve the settlement amount we’re requesting. Contact the Lakota R. Denton law firm today at 828-333-5996 for a free review of your case.

How Can Our Asheville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Your Case?

After a motorcycle crash, you need to focus on attempting to heal and on regaining your health. When you hire us, our Asheville motorcycle accident attorney will be able to handle the work related to the lawsuit. This will be a big relief for you and your family.

Some of the steps our motorcycle accident lawyer will handle on your behalf include:

  • Collecting facts. To be able to win a judgment in your motorcycle accident case, you need to prove that the other driver caused the crash. Our team knows which items to collect on your behalf, including the police report and any video or photographs of the scene.
  • Interviewing witnesses. You don’t have time to track down witnesses to the crash, who can verify that the other driver caused the accident. Finding and interviewing witnesses is part of the service we provide.
  • Determining fault. If police issue a traffic ticket to the other driver, this is the evidence we need to show fault. Otherwise, we can use the facts and interviews we’ve collected to show fault for the other driver.
  • Determining long-term outlook. After you’ve seen the doctors you need for your care, we will interview them. This helps us determine what your long-term health outlook will be. We’ll show the insurance company how your life will change after the crash.
  • Determining employability. As part of our interviews with your doctors, we will determine whether you’ll have the capability to work in the future. If you cannot work because of your injuries, you deserve reimbursement for these lost wages.
  • Determining pain and suffering. If doctors believe you will have ongoing pain because of your injuries, you can receive a cash settlement for this. Additionally, if you are having emotional trauma after the crash, a cash settlement for this is possible, too.

Because of the experience we have in the area of personal injury and motorcycle accidents, we know how to apply the facts in your case to all of these areas. This helps us determine the fairest amount to request for your judgment.

Understanding State Motorcycle Laws

One thing that complicates a personal injury case after a motorcycle accident is if you, as the rider, were violating state laws in North Carolina.

For example, if you are operating the motorcycle without the proper endorsement on your driver’s license, this can harm your lawsuit’s chances. The insurance company could argue that because you didn’t have the right operator’s license, you helped to cause the accident.

Although this type of situation makes your case more complex, our motorcycle accident lawyer in Asheville still may be able to build a case. When you meet with us for a free consultation, we can help you determine the likelihood of having a successful outcome.

Giving You the Respect You Deserve

After a serious motorcycle accident, we understand that you and your family are facing potentially the worst time in your lives. You probably have a lot of unknowns when you hire us. We work hard to alleviate your concerns through our professionalism.

We always treat our clients with respect and compassion. We put in the time and effort required to give you the best chance to win the largest possible judgment. We believe our dedication to preparation and our level of experience give us an edge when representing our clients.

Why You Should Work with Our Asheville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Finding the right attorney to represent you in a lawsuit after a motorcycle crash is an important choice. Your life may never be the same after the accident, so this decision will have long-lasting ramifications.

At the Lakota R. Denton Law Firm, our team will handle all aspects of your case, from start to finish. We know how to find the facts in the case that show you did nothing wrong to create the accident. Our motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to help you receive the settlement you deserve to give you the best chance at a recovery.

You Won’t Pay Anything Unless We Win

Understand that we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not have to pay anything ahead of time or during the case to have us represent you.

Instead, our payment for our services only occurs when the case reaches a conclusion, and we win a judgment for you. We receive a percentage of the final settlement amount. If we do not win a settlement for you, you don’t owe us anything.

Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney Always Keeps Your Best Interests at the Forefront

Many motorcycle accident victims find significant frustration when dealing with the insurance company. Insurers are good at trying to convince the victim that they’re helping. Ultimately, though, this is not the case. The insurer is working for the insurance company, which means trying to reduce the settlement payment.

You need someone who actually works for you. Our team will be on your side throughout the case. We will fight tirelessly to combat the techniques of the insurer to stall or to reduce your claim.

Insurers often will try to argue that your long-term issues are not serious. We do not back down against these unfair allegations. For a free consultation, contact our Asheville motorcycle accident lawyer at 828-333-5996 today.

Attorney Lakota Denton

Attorney Lakota DentonLakota Denton has been practicing in his own firm since 2013, focusing solely on personal injury. He is a member of the American Association of Justice, the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, the North Carolina Bar association, the American Bar Association, the National Trial Lawyers, and was awarded Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers, the 2014 Top 40 Lawyers under 40, and the Avvo clients choice award. [ Attorney Bio ]

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