Head-On Car Collisions

If you or a loved one suffered an injury during a head-on car collision, a car accident attorney will seek compensation for accident-related damages. Head-on collisions are among the most dangerous anyone can experience, as the force of such accidents can be deadly.

Even when victims survive head-on car accidents, they’re often left with disabling injuries. It is only right that victims receive total and fair compensation for accident-related damages, and a car accident lawyer will work to secure all of the compensation you deserve.

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Head-On Accidents Almost Always Cause Injuries

Head on car collision injuries

Head-on auto accidents account for almost 30 percent of fatal collisions. You can probably guess that head-on collisions do not make up 30 percent of accidents, which means they are drastically overrepresented among fatal accidents.

Two primary outcomes of head-on accidents lead victims to hire attorneys, file insurance claims, and pursue lawsuits:
  • Injuries
  • A loved one’s death
Any serious auto collision can cause a wide-range of severe injuries, including:

In addition to the pain and hardship injuries cause, victims of head-on accidents may be scarred or disfigured in other ways. Your lawyer will consult your doctors about your injuries, document those injuries and related symptoms, and build a case for the compensation you deserve.

A Roadmap to Follow After Your Head-On Accident

Every step you take (or don’t take) after a head-on car collision can affect your case positively or negatively. Two critical steps to take are:
  1. Getting medical attention, whether or not you are suffering symptoms: You need medical attention, whether or not you are experiencing obvious injury symptoms. A doctor can uncover injuries through a physical examination or various forms of medical imaging.
  2. Finding a car accident lawyer as soon as possible: A car accident attorney will defend your rights and begin building a case for compensation immediately. You should not wait to hire a lawyer because you may face case-related deadlines and need to obtain evidence right away.

If you take these two steps, you may position yourself for physical recovery while also setting your case up for success.

You may also benefit from mental health treatment following a head-on collision. Being in a vehicle that is hit head-on can cause substantial trauma. You may have psychological and emotional scars you didn’t notice yet, and you may need professional medical or psychological help for your recovery.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Head-On Car Accident

While a lawyer will guide you to avoid making mistakes after the accident, it may help to know common errors people make. You should not:
  • Wait to hire a lawyer, as this can cause you to lose important evidence and cause the statute of limitations for your case to expire
  • Give a statement to insurance companies without consulting an attorney first
  • Speak to others involved in your accident
  • Imply that you were at fault for the head-on accident, as even apologizing to another party may be construed as an admission of fault

Hire a lawyer and see a doctor as soon as possible. These experienced professionals will consider your needs, ensure you receive the treatment you need, and contribute to your case for compensation.

How Your Attorney Will Seek Justice for Your Head-On Collision


Describing everything a car accident attorney can do for you is difficult. Their wide-ranging responsibilities will include:

Shielding You from Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may owe you substantial compensation for accident-related losses. However, insurers may seek to avoid financial liability by:
  • Baselessly accusing you of causing the accident
  • Undervaluing your losses
  • Contesting certain covered losses (like medical procedures)
  • Extending a lowball settlement offer
  • Delaying the claims process in the hope that you will accept the lowball offer

An attorney will challenge these tactics. Your lawyer will also prevent insurance representatives from bothering you during the claims process.

Overseeing Case Strategy

Your lawyer will personalize a strategy for you. This strategy may involve an insurance claim or lawsuit. You may also initially pursue an insurance claim and pivot to a lawsuit if insurance companies don’t adequately cover your losses.

Securing All Relevant Evidence

Your lawyer will secure any relevant evidence from the head-on accident, which may include:
  • Video footage showing the collision
  • Your account of the accident
  • Witness accounts of the collison
  • An expert’s testimony about who is at fault for the collision
  • The police report detailing the collision

If there is no clear video footage of your accident, your lawyer may have an expert reconstruct the accident using witness accounts and other evidence.

Detailing Your Accident-Related Damages

Your lawyer will secure any medical bills, doctors’ records, income statements, and other documentation that proves your accident-related damages.

Calculating Your Case Value (and Negotiating a Settlement)

Once they have identified your losses, your attorney will calculate the cost of those losses and identify your case’s value. Your lawyer will then initiate settlement negotiations with liable insurers.

Leading Any Necessary Lawsuit or Trial

If insurance companies do not offer a settlement that adequately covers your losses, your attorney may encourage you to file a lawsuit. Your attorney will lead the legal process for you, including any necessary trial.

Damages You Can Seek Compensation For After the Accident

SEEKING COMPENSATION FOR AFTER THE ACCIDENTYour attorney will work to secure fair compensation for each of your damages, which may include:
  • Professional damages like lost income and diminished earning power
  • Property expenses, including vehicle repairs, replacement of a totaled vehicle, and replacement of other damaged property
  • Pain and suffering
  • The cost of mental health services
  • Rehabilitation-related costs
  • All other economic and non-economic damages resulting from the head-on car accident

Your attorney will create a detailed record of your damages and fight for the entire settlement or judgment you are entitled to.

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You need a personal injury lawyer to keep track of case-related deadlines and other time-sensitive obligations. Give your lawyer the time they need to build a strong case by hiring your attorney as soon as possible.

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