Types of Car Accidents in Asheville, North Carolina

Car accidents put numerous burdens on Asheville’s residents, from personal injuries and increased insurance premiums to emotional trauma. Such an alarming rate of car accidents necessitates increased awareness about safe driving habits and the importance of obtaining legal recourse when involved in a crash. Additionally, in a city like Asheville, where incidents of pedestrian accidents are also high, it is crucial to prioritize road safety for all, not just motorists.

For those who have unfortunately been a victim of a car accident, it’s imperative to have the necessary legal support to navigate the aftermath effectively. Asheville Car accident attorney Lakota R. Denton, P.A., and his team aim to help car accident victims from such incidents’ physical, emotional, and financial implications. If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident, reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help. 

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What Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Asheville? 

Car accidents are not uncommon in Asheville, North Carolina. In an unfortunate statistic, Asheville has often been flagged as one of the cities with the highest rates of crashes within the state. Our city saw over 4,500 motor vehicle accidents in just one year, resulting in well over 1000 injuries. 

Navigating the bustling streets of Asheville requires alertness and adherence to traffic rules. Whether commuting down busy roads like Merrimon Ave. or Sweeten Creek or simply trying to find a parking spot in your local Publix, Asheville residents confront roadway hazards daily.  Despite precautions as careful drivers, accidents occur. Some of the most common types of car crashes in Asheville include the following. 

Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end collision

Topping the list of common car accidents, rear-end collisions typically occur due to a breach in the safe following distance by the trailing vehicle. These accidents often result in whiplash and back injuries, among others.

Sideswipe Crashes

Sideswipe crashes happen when two parallel vehicles make side contact, usually due to either one straying from their lane. Minor sideswipe crashes may result in cosmetic car damage, but high-speed events can cause severe multi-car accidents.

Head-on Collisions

Among the most catastrophic types of car accidents, head-on collisions occur when two vehicles crash front-to-front. These accidents frequently occur on highways I-40 and I-26 as the result of wrong-way driving or loss of control. 

T-bone Accidents

Also known as side-impact or broadside collisions, T-bone accidents occur when the front of one car impacts the side of another, forming a ‘T.’ These accidents frequently take place at intersections, such as Hilliard and Clingman Avenues or Patton and Louisiana, due to failure to yield the right of way.

Multi-vehicle Accidents

Also known as pile-ups, these accidents involve three or more vehicles. A common scenario is a domino effect caused by a preceding accident on a busy highway. Multi-vehicle accidents are complex, often resulting in significant damage and major injuries.

Speeding-Related Accidents

Speeding is a significant contributor to accidents on Asheville’s roads. Exceeding the speed limit decreases the driver’s ability to steer safely around curves or objects in the roadway and extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle. Accidents caused by speeding typically result in severe damage and injuries due to the force of the impact.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Despite harsh penalties and widespread awareness campaigns, drunk driving remains a persistent problem in Asheville. Over 100 drunk driving accidents occur on average in our city, leading to devastating consequences. Alcohol impairs the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely, often resulting in collisions that could have been avoided. These accidents tend to be more severe, given the recklessness frequently associated with intoxicated driving.

Distracted Driving Accidents

The rise in smartphone use has brought with it an increase in distracted driving accidents. However, any activity that diverts the driver’s attention from the road can be a potential distraction. This includes eating, adjusting the radio or GPS, and conversing with passengers. Distracted driving can lead to various accidents, including rear-end collisions and sideswipe crashes.

The Consequences of a Car Accident in Asheville 

Regardless of how it happened, every car accident bears consequences. In addition to physical injuries, you’ll no doubt face medical costs for your treatment, loss of work due to recovery, and various other challenges that you didn’t anticipate. 

Potential Property Damage

As a direct consequence of most car accidents, damage to the vehicle involved is almost certain. This may vary from minor dents and scratches in minor incidents to totaled vehicles in extreme cases.

Car Accident Injuries 

A female paramedic assisting a male driver with whiplash neck injury after a road traffic accident.

Depending on the type and intensity of the car accident, various injuries may be sustained. Injuries can be as minor as bruises or whiplash from rear-end collisions to more severe outcomes like broken bones, brain injuries, or even spinal cord injuries from head-on collisions. In more extreme cases, such as high-speed side-impact or multi-vehicle accidents, fatalities are unfortunately a consequence.


Asheville, like many cities, has seen a regrettably high number of fatalities from car accidents. For instance, 12 deaths were recorded among the statistics we previously mentioned. If you have tragically lost a family member or loved one to a car crash in Asheville, we invite you to contact a wrongful death attorney to seek justice. 

Emotional and Psychological Impact

Car accidents often result in emotional and psychological trauma that can surpass physical injuries in terms of long-term effects. This can include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

Financial Consequences

Car accidents can lead to substantial financial burdens. From medical bills for injury treatment and rehabilitation to car repair costs and increased insurance premiums, the monetary impact can be significant.

Navigating through insurance claims, medical bills, and potential lawsuits can be overwhelming for the victim, making professional legal support invaluable.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident in Asheville, NC?

Whether it’s the damage to your vehicle, serious physical injuries, emotional stress, or financial burden, the aftermath of a car accident demands attention on multiple fronts. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Asheville, NC, don’t navigate this challenging time alone. Contact Asheville personal injury lawyer at Lakota R. Denton at (828) 333-5996 for a free consultation today. We’re here to support you through this, working tirelessly for the justice you deserve.

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