Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Asheville, North Carolina?

Navigating through the streets of Asheville, North Carolina, it becomes crucial for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike to be aware of the most accident-prone locations. Increased accident rates in certain areas can contribute to a heightened risk of personal injury or property damage. These accidents underscore the importance of extra vigilance in these specific locations and the significance of legal representation in instances of accidents.

Understanding which Asheville locations present a higher risk of accidents can help individuals prepare and, where possible, adapt their routes for safety. For those who unfortunately become involved in an accident, particularly in these high-risk areas, the importance of skilled legal representation is paramount. An Asheville car accident attorney can offer essential support, from navigating complex insurance claims processes to ensuring compensation is awarded where due.

Highways and Interstate Crashes

According to data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, certain highways in Asheville contribute to a proportionately high number of accidents.

Interstate 26

This essential highway has witnessed numerous accidents. Many reported incidents have been severe and involve work zone crashes and multiple vehicle collisions, signaling the extent of difficulties that can occur on this road.

Interstate 40

This interstate highway sees substantial traffic and, unfortunately, its share of road accidents. Mishaps ranging from multi-vehicle collisions to accidents due to technical failures have been documented, underlining the uncertainty that can suddenly arise on highways.

U.S. Route 25

One of the primary north-south routes, this highway registers a significant daily traffic count. Its route through Asheville witnesses a robust flow of vehicles, increasing the likelihood of accidents on any given day.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Asheville

Barricades block access to Blue Ridge Parkway in winter, outside Asheville, NC.

Patton Avenue and New Leicester Highway

Considered among the most dangerous intersections in Asheville, this area witnesses a high volume of traffic routinely. The excessive vehicular activity, combined with challenging road design, makes navigating this intersection particularly hazardous.

Patton Avenue and Tunnel Road

Alongside Patton Avenue’s intersection with New Leicester Highway, its intersection with Tunnel Road also carries a reputation for danger. With multiple entries and exits, coupled with the bustling commercial establishments in the vicinity, this intersection demands extreme caution from drivers.

Merrimon Avenue

This road mirrors many high-traffic roads in cities, where multiple lanes of fast-moving vehicles mix with turning traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians. Merrimon Avenue is, unfortunately, notorious for its high rate of these types of accidents.

Tunnel Road

The many shops and businesses lining this busy road can lead to increased traffic, frequent stopping, and distracted driving, which elevates the risk of accidents on Tunnel Road. Particularly, the intersections along this road are areas where drivers must stay attentive during evening hours and low light conditions. 

Hendersonville Road

With daily heavy traffic, the risk of accidents on Hendersonville Road remains high. The intersection of this road with the Blue Ridge Parkway has been the site of numerous incidents.

Acton Circle and Smokey Park Highway

The Acton Circle and Smokey Park Highway intersection in West Asheville also features among the most hazardous locales. Increased vehicular pressure and challenging road structures have resulted in numerous collisions over the years.

Long Shoals Road

Known incidents on this busy road include severe vehicle and pedestrian accidents. The high daily traffic volume on this major roadway may contribute to an elevated risk of crashes.

Swannanoa River Road

The convergence of different kinds of traffic — cars, bikes, and pedestrians, along with commercial establishments can lead to distraction and confusion, making this a high-risk location for accidents within Asheville.

Sweeten Creek Road

With multiple cases of head-on collisions and other severe accidents, this road stands as another crucial area demanding increased vigilance.

Factors That Contribute to Car Accidents in Asheville

Drunk Driving

It is an unfortunate reality that despite strict DUI laws, alcohol-impaired driving continues to result in a significant number of roadway accidents. Such irresponsible behavior endangers the intoxicated driver and puts other innocent road users at considerable risk.

Trucking Accidents

Given their sheer size and weight, trucks can cause devastating accidents. Factors such as driver fatigue, overloaded freight, or poor vehicle maintenance can contribute to these potentially fatal incidents.

Distracted Driving

The rise of digital gadgets and in-car technologies has escalated the issue of distracted driving. Any activity that diverts attention from driving — be it texting, talking, eating, or adjusting the navigation system — can lead to disastrous accidents.

Motorcyclists, Pedestrians, and Cyclists Also Face Risks

Pedestrian Accidents

Walking should be one of the safest means of transportation, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always so. Several factors, such as high-speed traffic, lack of pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, or the overlooked crosswalk, can lead to accidents involving pedestrians

Motorcycle Accidents

While providing a sense of freedom on the road, motorcycles come with inherent risks. Their smaller size compared to cars or trucks can make them less visible to other road users. The intersection at NC 28 and 129 is one of many notoriously dangerous areas for motorcycle accidents

Cycling Accidents

Bicycle accidents can occur anywhere, on busy city roads or quieter suburban streets. Yet, certain spots carry greater risks. While noted for its scenic views, the Blue Ridge Parkway and its extremely narrow shoulders are notorious for bicycle accidents. Similarly, areas with parked cars can pose the ‘dooring’ threat, where a cyclist crashes into an abruptly opened car door.

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